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16 July 2010

.: 42 days :.

OK. found guilty leaving zis blog without any updates! hahaha..adei..draft posts pon dok ada lagi tak publish..haih..bz punya pasal. :P

just a quickie for now until i pasang streamyx kat my new home cos' wimax mmg hampeh takde signal!. *weng!* >.<  so that's the main reason tak hupdet and many other reason lagi.heh. < preparations+nikah+PJ reception+KB reception+moving to new home+setting up new home+started working+yadda yaddaaaa yadaaaa~ > *dasar alasan! * hakhak~ :P 

i'll be tweaking here and there sat kt belog ni..yela, dh tawen takkan letak status bride-to-be lagi kots..hee~ harap maklum. eheh. 

after i get my streamyx, i'll be updating smpai muntah tak kira how 'basi' the entry is. hoyeh to the syoksendirik kingdom! :DD

meanwhile, nah BRIDEDIVA sebijik. xD

* awesome pix my by official photographer - Asyiek Desa.

Ciao for now. muachsmuachs. :)
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