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19 August 2010

.: guilty, again! :.

Hahaha..let the title explain it all lah kan. :P superdupergilagilapunyabusy. adeih. busy yang stok tak menang tangan okeh. huu~ -_-
So, blogging have to take the back seat for awhile. uhuu~ tp still best dok tengok orang yang sibuk2 preparation nak kawin! ** silent reader je. hiks~ :P 

Rasa macam nak jadi helper la, boleh? ahaks~ *sengal. Sendiri pun bebusy ada hati pulak nak jadik wedding helper. hehee..but i can't help it. :D  Currently helping out 2 friends bit here and there with their wedding stuffs. wheeee~ :)) sukak! ♥  and ohh..love and respect to ex-brides yang jadi wedding planner after handling their own wedding. best nyaaaaaaa~ :))

i these 2 :


saw some pixs Chenta Weddings buat untuk Mooky OBS. Haih. jeles nyaaaaaaa..superduper gorjes! ♥♥♥  Memang stok kasik recommend sama member lah. snapshot sket :

and see more HERE!♥♥♥

weeehuuu. wedding mode rasa macam tak habis-habis lagik. hoyes. xD

till' the next hupdet, ♥ ~ :)

hee. nyums. * pix taken from my food shots for Good Ol' Happy Days Diner. nom..nom..nom~ say gudbye to diets. lalala~ :P

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