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18 February 2010

.: rain rain come again :.

Huaaa..after days of without rain..hujan jugak hari ni..Syukur.. :)
Last weekend saya memang hot gila!!! Whoopsie, bukan saya but the cuaca okeyhh..ehee~ ;p
Bawah panas terik menembak dan ditembak to help out Nida with her assignment and tersangat lah best gilaaaa cos' i get to go back to my alma mater  - Assunta! hoyeh..
The school is still the same throughout..i remembered how i love the smell of the field early in the morning..jalan bwh pokok, sampai kelas ada attachment ulat bulu kat baju..haihh!!! ~_~ the ghost stories sana sini, ponteng kelas with partners in crime, the teachers yang berjoget-joget jo when we played Hawaii Five-O in the field, the marching band yang memekak pepagi sebelum subuh for Merdeka Parade and the sports day yang gila = march past, 100m+4x100m+200m then sambung band performance-gila-kau-nak-mampus-punya-semput-mak-haih then closing march past lagi..paling best naik podium ambik medal in band's uniform..hohoh..orang lain pakai sports attire je.. :P time tu stamina mmg x hengaat..punya bedal active eventho asthma..this one doctor asked me to stop being active, jangan masuk olahraga ni semua nti semput lagi teruk. But i was stubborn, stop kejap je..bedal balik semua..hahah..ada gak la time breakdown when it was too much..went to another doctor and he said to just stay active. :D hoyeh!!! and after that no more going to the clinic sedut-gas-ntah-pape..hah, inhaler pun no more sebab saya tak suka depend on it. lantak la kan~ XD huaaa..miss my school days so much!! ~_~ huhuhuuuu..harus sgt reunion sama member2 before my big day nanti... :)

btw, enuff of that merapuness sebab dh lari topic..hhaha~ 
sila tengok manusia-manusia creative ini. haih. inspirasi betul. ehehe.. :D
macam besh plak tgk hand bouquet made of fabric flowers ni..
nti dh habes pun leh simpan lagi kann.. :)

all pictures and article taken from HERE. :) go site visit now. 

xoxo~ ^_^


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