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03 February 2010

. F . I . V . E .


* this is so not the official video but hemtam jelah labu! :D

Hmm.. feels like walking down the memory lane tonite..ehee.. ;p wanted to blog last nite but i was soooo sleeepppyy that i ended up sleeping on the couch and after that of course lah sambung tidor dalam bilik je.. tak kuasa nak lawan tarik tali ngan mata ni weh. -_-

Back to the topic, ada apa with " Warmness On the Soul" ni? ehehee..
this was the song that my beloved had given to show his feelings for me! 
*lap2 mata sket* Our LOVE song! :D
He passed me the song and told me to really listen to the lyrics and i tell ya', at that time - pasang kat laptop, pakai earphone and turned on the volume to the max okeh so that i won't miss a word..hahah..gila koya time tu..but it was the sweetest moment tho, sebab bila sampai to the chorus part..i was soooooooooooooo on cloud nine!! ehehe.. ^_~ 
hoyeh! dengan semangat kesukanan yang laju and berkobar2 nak call..tapi time tu student, sen tak banyak nak topup..so call ngan public phone lah jawabnyaaa!! XD 
and that was it - our 1st 1.4.3 - 31st January 2005, anas &nas officially an item! :D *gumbiraaanyaa*
That memory is still fresh in my mind till this moment.. togeder-geder with all my besties.. *lap2 hujung mata lagi* - kak syam, nana, kak ros, kak ely, lala, siti, and beny. hah. ini semua saksi2 kejadian, partner in crime berkomplotan since i had a crush on him sampai la jadi meggi cintan lovebirds. gosh, rindu banget deh! *sobs sobs* if i could turn back time, saya nak balik perak!!! huh, sgt besh!!! -_-  the best part of my life other than my school days! *nyanyi lagu sekolah* ;p

I'm so glad and thankful to have someone like him.. who's loyal to me and me only. :) ALHAMDULLILAH sgt2..that is the most important thing to me..cos' i am loyal myself..*cewahh*
perhubungan harus lah 2 hala rite? hehehe~ :)

Today, 5 years and 3 days and in 4 months and 3 days *thanks ticker ;p* dengan izin Tuhan -  I will be married to my beloved!  :D

31st January 2005, UiTM Sri Iskandar Perak. ;p

" I give my heart to you "

. xox .


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