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29 January 2010

.: Répondez, S'il Vous Plaît :.

" Répondez, S'il Vous Plaît "

Now - pekemende la ayat yg aku merepek kt atas ni noks? hhaha..ok, murid2..yg mane taw 
duk dendiam, yg xtau angkat tangan plis~~ *cewah, berangan chekgi* ~_~
Ok, maybe ramai yang dh tau but i think ramai gak yg xtawu..penah dgr R.S.V.P or 
seen one in any parties/weddings/events invitation cards yg kt bawah2 tu? 
aha! that is what R.S.V.P stands for - Répondez, S'il Vous Plaît (reponde-silvu-play)
i) klu ikut kamus bahasa jarman direct translation is : Answer, please // jawab, sila lah. 
ii) klu indirect : Please reply // sila lah jawab.
iii)klu pusing roundabout ikut pemahaman dalam bahasa jawa kuno ialah : 
please reply to this invitation - promptly/a.s.a.p/the sooner,the better //jawab cecepat le wei.
ni plak jawapan chekgi ciloks from abe gugels uols :

R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." The person sending the invitation would like you to tell him or her whether you accept or decline the invitation. That is, will you be coming to the event or not? Etiquette rules followed in most Western cultures require that if you receive a formal, written invitation, you should reply promptly, perhaps that same day. For hosts who are planning a dinner party, a wedding or a reception, this is important from a practical point of view, because they need to know how many people to count on and how much food and drink to buy. More important, though, is the simple courtesy of responding to someone who was nice enough to invite you, even if it is to say that you regret that you will not be able to attend.
Many wedding invitations come with a response card that you can mail back right away. Other written invitations will carry the host's telephone number so you can call with your reply, although under strict etiquette rules, a written invitation requires a written reply. Nowadays, invitations often carry a "regrets only" notation at the end. That means that the host will count on your being there unless you tell him or her otherwise. Some people even use "R.S.V.P." as a verb, as in "Have you R.S.V.P.ed to that invitation?"
You might wonder why we use the initials of a French phrase in an invitation that is written in English. You could say that the French "invented" etiquette, although that would be a simplification because there have always been rules of courtesy to follow in civilization. In fact, an Italian diplomat, Conte Baldassare Castiglione, wrote the first book about proper behavior among nobility in the 16th century. Many of the practices of Western etiquette, however, came from the French court of King Louis XIV in the late 17th and early 18th c enturies. At Versailles, his palace, Louis XIV had the rules for court behavior written on what the French referred to as "tickets," or "étiquette." The tickets either were signs posted at Versailles or were the invitations issued to court events with the rules of behavior printed on the back; experts give different versions of the origin. And French was the language of refinement and high society through the 19th century in the United States. Judith Martin, the author of etiquette books and a syndicated newspaper columnist known as "Miss Manners," thinks that "R.S.V.P." came about as a polite way of reminding people of something that they should already know: If you receive an invitation, you should reply.
ada fahams kah? :) haa,pandai punnnnn~ ok, meh sini amek sticker bintang letak kt buku!
jgn lupe hapal, soklan ni nti besok klua utk midterm exam~~ *dush* ;p

I had this problem of some people not responding to my r.s.v.p for my engagement after 
party hari tu..and after that saya terpaksalah mengelabah ayam bercalling,sms-ing and 
facebook-ing bertanya "are you coming? oui ou non?" i really appreciate those who replied 
to my r.s.v.p very promptly, senang keje mak nk kire the oui and the non..so bile nk wat 
head count, tarahal punya. At the same time, ade pulak kaum2 jah hut some 
people yang : "okay noks,rsvp okay - mak datangs suploh orang gitewwww" 
pada hari kejadian
i) mak datang 2 org jela nok, lagi 8 tak rasa mcm nk dtg mkn free pulak..
ii) noks, mak ter-bawak entourage lah..janji suploh tp sedozen yg ikutsss..
maknanya apaaaa? hoih.anda telah memberi sakit-sengal-sendi-tulang-anak-itik-tok wi 
kat Tuan Tanah yg berbaik hati dan perasaan menjemput anda. -_- * jgn emosi dgn tanah.*
klu case (i), you maybe have wasted the host's food sbb host dh buat 
lauk  vogue-made-to-order utk entourage you, alih2 you datang sorang ajer? haih. 
UNLESS, it's unavoidable la kn.. ade urgent matters ke hape..
tp bkn dengan alasan - em,malas pulak nk gi sbb dh mengulor since pagi/
malas nk gosok baju/eh,kasut tak matching plak ngn baju,xnk pegi. -_-
and for case (ii), usually KALAU tu open party or jenis yg x payah - satu orang, satu kerusi - 
host x kesah sgt sbb food salu order lebih skit dari paranormal biasa..so, the more the
merrier la kn..and salu tuan tanah melayu akan halalkn aje tp ikut adab sopan kesusilaan, 
jumpe la ngn tuan tanah dan bertrimas thank you okay~ :) 
tp agak2 jugak lah, jgn ckp 2 org tp yg ter - dtg bwk tmbahan penuh satu bas mini no.35. 
ehehe~ mau pengsannn tuan tanah! XD

haa, ini lagi satu best scene ni - tp ni only for seated/dinner wedding/event la stok 
- satu orang, satu kerusi - punya..hangpa toksah la dok wat loklaq bwk pi wedding/party/
event crasher okay.gila ka apa? hoih. tp mmg ada orang asli macam ni..suka hati 
bwk add-ons padahal tuan tanah dah allocate seats for invited guests only. 
jenuh la nk letak yg that add-ons tu tang mana..haishhh. sadis. -_-
ouh,jgn lupa - ada gak kes orang stok bengong kurang ashem - rsvp nya: officially not coming..
BUT, ended up coming dengan segerombolan kambing entourage nyaaa..hambek ko! 
*dushum!* adess, akai letak mana cheq oooiiii?!? laaa, kat lutut?awat tak pakaiiii?! 
ish ish ishhh..

"dlm kes ni, saya sgt bersimpati dengan tuan tanah, yang arif.." -_- ***
hahaha, gila kentang pnjg explanation for this title kn?eheh..kering tekak mak yawww. ;p 

so, lesson for today? klu dh terang lagi bersuluh ada nmpk R.S.V.P on your invitations, 
please please please kamu jgn nakal reply a.s.a.p berasap okayyy..
klu x terang, please pakai torch light. ehehehe~

xoxo~~~ ;p

* ceritera di atas bukan rekaan drama swasta tp kejadian yg terjadi.
sory klu terasa mcm termakan cili, takde kena mengena ngan sesape pun. 
mari learn togede-geder, jgn jadi katak dalam gua. :) *


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