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26 January 2010

.: K.I.S.S :.

ahah! now, dontcha go anywhere with the title yea..ehehee~~ 

all i want is to k.i.s.s - 


hoyea. that K.I.S.S mmkay~

simple.sweet.hmm.. :) I've a certain standard for things i want for myself cos' i'm my own client.. *d'uh* ^_^  and sometimes, i seriously don't geddit when people say i have expansive taste. bab tu aku x paham. hesh. just that my version of 'simple & sweet'  - is not something you just throw and do cincai2 and call it simple.- and sweet.*dush!* mmg mau kena sejibik. i  believe in making something in-expensive LOOK  expensive. that is the whole idea, look expensive without burning a hole in yer pocket! 

what's the point of buying something expensive but end up looking cheap and - what's the point of buying something cheap but turns out looking like as if you've purchased it the dark? (time blackout la kot)..heh. ape yg penting? kerjasama uniqueness.

so, after some thinking.. i really love the idea of d.i.y weddings. senang. ikut taste gua la mcm mana kn? bukan bayaq pakai duit hangpa2 ni suma, so shut the hell up. eh, emo sat.hahaha~ ;p 
me and my other half was like - hmm, klu buat pelamin, table deco and etc d.i.y pun leh gak kn.. :D jalan2 kt ikea,hmmphh..mmg trus lah kau inspirasi ku giteww.. if i were to pay a wedding planner a certain amount, then pas dh abeh..all i have is the pictures..if buat sendiri, i can buy things i like and end up its mine. berbaloi ngak? pelamin+deco cantik pun dapat, barang2 pun dapat..hah.bonus 2+1. :D

now, i'm all set up for a good bargain, the best i can get with the smallest amount spend. huahua..x kesah la if lebih skit pun, sbb nti nak masuk rumah baru jugak. *InsyaAllah* :)

CNY sale, here i come! hoyeh! hoyehhh!! :D

here's some example of d.i.y weddings - tp nmpk expensive kn? cos' of the exclusive-ness..uniquely done.. it's not something that u can just grab off the shelf. :P xoxo.

"She printed the menus, photo booth signs, signs for the wishes table, origins table, and birdcage card holder.  She even made beaded initials for the vases that the bride’s maids bouquets to go in at the reception.  I could go on and on.  But there was no planner, the bride executed everything flawlessly, and without stress.  It just all came together on the wedding day." 

all images from - STYLE ME PRETTY (under : d.i.y inspired real weddings)


  1. ::nastasia..ni yg kat uitm dulu kan?bdak grafik..jumpa kita kan..i nasya..bdak fine art..btw i already link u to my blog..exchange k..::

  2. hey~ yup2..ingat..hehe..thanks! will link u back~ nice meeting u here n kat fb gaks~ :D


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