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19 January 2010

.: the colours :.

WHY  is it when such a simple task became a hard one just because you're doing it for yourself? hmm.. ;( 

Ask me to choose colours for my clients, and I have no problem with that, but it's a problem when the client is yourself~ haha..*dang!* ~_~

dasar org gatai tangan ni, click sana click sini..I've found these 2 webbies very helpful for people who are fickle minded and indecisive like yours truly..muahahaha~ yay! :D *clap clap* ok, sengal. ngeehee~~ here goes!

one is easy loading while the other one klu berukband2 anda tu kelajuan tahap kura-kura jln kaki, then xyah masuk. miahahahah~ :P

here's the easy breezy loading one - a wedding sketchbook

and here's the best tp slowmo depending on your internet connection okay?  - dessy

go and have fun. :P

of course, anything yg ade purple or lilac or any hue that is around there is my personal faveratooo! :D 

isn't these combinations cuteeee? i loike. ;) 

images from - a wedding sketchbook

since i've used the purple lavender-ish colour for my engagement, so purple is kinda out from the list..*yeah rite* ;p cos' no matter what, kaler tu gak mak rse nk pilih nyahhhh~ tak kose yawww.. XD

choosen my colours already but will not spill it out~ *hush hush* ;) 



  1. ::babe..br perasan entry ni..sangat suka ok coz my wedding with this color...likeeeee it so much dear..::

  2. hehehe..tau xpe..sgt schweet kn colour neh..nk guna, but my engagement ritu dah furfel..so, ni mcm nk dekat2 daa..cari kaler laen lahh~ heheh.. ;)

  3. hello dear, i think u meant fickle :) flicker is an application for photos or something, is it not?

    all the best,

  4. N.L., thanks for pointing it out yea~ cheerios! :)

  5. hi...lovely blog you have here.....lovin' every inch!!

  6. Hi there O'gosh, thanks for the compliment and for dropping by! ♥ :D


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