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17 January 2010

.: in the quest of finding the perfect venue :.

this is the most dreadful thing! finding the perfect place..tsk tsk..since my wedding is right in the smack when eeeveerrryyyybooodyyyy is getting married too..the school hols!
clearly, i didn't have anything planned before my engagement jadi skang sudey mau rasa hantuk itu kepala sama itu dinding lah! *dushumdushum* ;(

i have this problem where all zis beautiful images keep playin' in ma head - all those white garden wedding..more lika french garden wedding..very simple and sweet and white and green and with pretty colourful lil' flowers..haha..simple la sgt! *dang* ~_~
ini lah maskalah designer ni..we have vivid imaginations and rite now, i can't geddit out of my head..it's like - "omg,omg dat is sooooo schuweeeettt and i wanna have one like that too when i grow up and get married one day"..yeah..sengal..i have that since i don't remember when..hahahah~

and i absolutely know that weddings skang ini sgt lah costly..dang! *oke, sila hantuk lagi kepala di dinding sbb x saving awal2 whaddafish* habes diploma smbg degree, habes degree trus kerja pastuh pk nk  payback ptptn and nk kawin and whatnot and currently sedang mengikat tangan dan mata from seeing and buying anything not related to urm..the wedding..*goodbye..sobs..* ngeehee~

back to the topic - i'm now looking for the "place". i have the "ultimate perfect place" but it's not possible..i have another 2 "perfect place" - but one my mum said - "sat lagi klu hujan, org nk lari pi mana??!??!" and the other one; i'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

that is just what i need rite now. the confirmation of my wedding venue. yg masih dlm misi pencarian secara gila2 cos' byk tempat dh fully booked. fully booked till the end of JUNE and july *tsk tsk* pergh, rmai sgguh couples nk kawin time tuh..hmm..imagine if i stick to my original plan  - tying the knot on 10.10.10. phew..lagi la gila. hehehe~

btw, this is the "ultimate perfect place" which i absolutely cannot have..* in your dreams bebeh, in your DREAMS.* muahahahah~ ;p

xpelah..mimpi sudeyyy~ XD  stu gmbr cukop ler..nk tgk lebey, ask abe gugel.

* image belongs to - KLPAC - The Park


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