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17 January 2010

.: some s p a c e :.

hello. welcome to this space where i spill my thoughts, love and joy in my just normal un-ordinary life and in the journey towards my wedding day.. :)

* or in short - saya mau belog jugek. heh~ ;p

do feel free to leave me some tips or sumthing or anything - really! :D

hurmm..as for rite now..i'm in need of a list. a freaking whatchamacallit list which i don't have a clue what to list in the first place. erk? *sigh* so totally at lost and blur. -_- or am i just disorganised? heh. ;p
in need of at least sumone to tell me what to do..hahha..sounds kinda like a wedding planner..ececeh..

or shud i start to freak out now?huhuhu~ okay, chill. kira2..gedebuk gedebak..tolak campur darab bahagi..i have like a full 4 months till d-day..WHADDAFISH? ok, sila freak out skang. *faints*

starts now - mari meng-download list2 yg available with the help of abe gugel. hukhuk.


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